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I chose to interview Chris Slavin, Owner, CEO and Founder of Zapatat which is located in Clarendon. I had heard about Zapatat and was curious about what the business had to offer. It turns out it it is a unique business concept for those customers who are considering having a tattoo or tattoos removed in a safe, comfortable and relaxing and professional environment. Zapatat also offers other laser services such as Laser Facials, Hollywood Peels, Pigment Revision, Eyebrow Correction, and Laser Hair Removal. I’m sure you will find Chris’s commitment to excellence, his customer service and his studio unmatched in the area. Chris and I are on the same page when it comes to making people happy.

According to Chris, “We principally do tattoo removal and other laser aesthetics. We focus mainly on tattoo removal which we’ve been doing for over 13 years and we have performed over 60,000 tattoo removals. We initially started the business to bring the price down from $500 to $75.
We also do the Hollywood Laser Peel which is a four part treatment which can take about 5 years off your appearance. There is no down time – you can walk right out of the studio.”