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Storage Spaces Up High: Use shelves to add more storage up high.

Storage Spaces Down Low: Don’t forget about low-to-the-ground storage.

Seating Low to Ground: Low seating can be stored easily and saves space.

Curtains or Barn Doors to Slide Open and Closed: Change the room around with curtains or a barn door.

Mirrors: Mirrors reflect light and make the whole space look bigger.

Wall-mounted Television: Don’t bother with an entertainment stand; mount that TV to the wall.

Stackable Appliances: A tiny washer and dryer that stack let you do laundry and save space.

Natural Light and Windows: Natural light also makes your space look bigger; skylights are perfect for this.

Neutral Colors: Too much color can make a room feel crowded. Go neutral to maximize space.

Fold-out Desks or Dining Sets: If you’re not using it, can you stash it? Invest in foldable furniture.

Outdoor Relaxation Areas: Fix up the great outdoors for another place to sprawl out and relax.

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