Fix Your Credit

Your credit score is the most important thing you can do to improve your life!


How Credit Can Cost You Lots of Money

  • Did you know that about 80% of all credit reports contain erroneous or bad information? Yours probably has as well.
  • Not having a credit card could makes you invisible to credit reporting agencies.
  • Medical debt can be the easiest item to have removed from your credit report.
  • How you utilize your credit cards can help or hurt you.
  • Deferring student loan debt could be hurting your credit score.
  • Paying a collection on our credit report could actually hurt your score.
  • Bad credit can cost you when taking out a mortgage – lenders can charge you a higher interest rate directly related to your credit score.

We work with professionals who can help you straighten out your credit which can help you increase your credit score. We can help guide you to the best information on how to start being “visible” to credit reporting bureaus.

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